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Age Concern Auckland visit to AGI

Last week, AGI Education hosted Ms. Kai Quan, the Interventions Services Manager from Age Concern Auckland, at their Auckland City campus to discuss employment opportunities with our healthcare students. She shared valuable insights on:

  • Working with older people

  • The diversity of older people

  • Age Concern's services

  • Elder abuse and neglect

We got comments from Shasta Aragon, the programme leader of Healthcare Level 5.

We have seen the reality of stress overload and burnout among carers in different facilities for older people. This is also supported by observations and reports from visits made by Age Concern. This has resulted in an increase of abuse, primarily towards older people. This ties in with what we discuss in our programme, especially how carers can be affected by the challenging workload they have and how that, in turn, can affect the care received by the clients they have and their facilities. We aim to produce healthcare workers who are not just prepared to take care of people but also professionals who are self-aware enough to know when they need help.

It's great to have someone who has the expertise or Ms. Quan to reconfirm what we have been telling our students. It provides great perspective for our students, especially those who aren't yet working in healthcare.

Three cheers to both AGI and Age Concern Auckland for all that they do for our community!

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