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The He Ara Kaitiaki Tāngata – a portal to Employment Initiative provides opportunities for healthcare facilities and pharmacies (community and hospital) to partner with AKA Education Group’s Healthcare training providers and contribute to growing the pipeline of Kaitiaki Tāngata and shaping the next generation of aged caregivers, diversional recreational therapists, & pharmacy technicians in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Our healthcare providers & contribution to the workforce

Kauri Academy and AGI Education share over 20 years of experience in training and producing graduates for the healthcare sector – in particular to the Aged Care, Disability and Pharmacy workforce in Aotearoa.


The organisations are both NZQA registered Private Training Establishments, and operate out of three campuses located in Auckland, Manukau City and Christchurch. Kauri Academy and AGI Education deliver to both domestic and international students.


Both organisations have an excellent track record in graduate outcomes with 97%^ of graduates being employed within the healthcare sector on average each year over the last 3 years Our graduates are employed throughout Aotearoa. This demonstrates that not only are our graduates contributing to the sector throughout New Zealand, they are also willing to relocate outside of Auckland and Christchurch after they graduate.

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^Note: These are based on graduates surveyed 12 months post study. Response rate is out of all graduates in that year.
*Data is still being collected, as 12 month post study has not yet been reached for all 2021 graduates at time of publication.

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Grow your workforce pipeline with AKA Education Group

Our training providers celebrate over 100 graduates in Aged Care, Diversional Therapy and Pharmacy each year. We have an impressive track record of graduates gaining employment in the sector, in fact almost 60% of our students are employed part-time in aged-care facilities/pharmacies during their study.


All students are placed with aged-care facilities/pharmacies for Clinical Placement which is scheduled for 3 days per week for 15 weeks for aged care /diversional therapy OR 22 weeks for pharmacy. This is the final component of their training with us prior to graduation.


The He Ara Kaitiaki Tāngata initiative is designed to facilitate the following:

  1. Provide Clinical Placement opportunities for AKA Education Group healthcare students to reinforce and support their learning.

  2. Provide a recruitment pathway of trained and NZQA qualified aged-care/diversional therapy personnel (Level 4 & 5) and Pharmacy Technicians (Level 5) to our partners.

This initiative will provide our partners with a chance to find out how our graduates fit into the workplace (at no cost), with the opportunity to secure the graduate and offer employment at the end of the placement.

Assess Future Employees

Provide a chance for you to meet potential future employees who can jump right in once graduated.

Workforce Diversity

Increase diversity in your workforce, to reflect the diversity of Aotearoa. 

Staff Professional Development

Give your existing staff the opportunity to become mentors, trainers and leaders.

Young Adult Employment

Provide young people employment opportunities.

Brand Reputation

Enhance your brand's reputation in the aged care / pharmacy industry by collaborating with education provider to promotes careers within your sector.


Clinical Placement students will add to your workforce without adding to your budget!

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Our graduates are contributing to the aged-care and pharmacy workforce all over Aotearoa.

Grow with AKA
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