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Embracing Diversity: Celebrating with pride šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ

Last weekend, Auckland hosted yet another gorgeousĀ and invigoratingĀ Pride Parade,Ā and everyone'sĀ favourite: The Big Gay Out. The buzz started early on Saturday, and we can still feel the energyĀ in the air. If you were on your way to the celebrations, you would have seen the streamsĀ of rainbow flags flood many streets leading to the events.Ā 

As we reflect on this joyous celebration, it'sĀ imperative to recogniseĀ the significance of educating healthcare students about LGBTQ+ issues. Through understanding and inclusivity, future healthcare professionals can provide better care to all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.Ā 

Ā Ā 

Celebrating Diversity:Ā The Pride Parade isn'tĀ just a spectacle; it'sĀ a symbol of inclusivity and acceptance. The event served as a reminder of the diverse communities that enrich our society and the importance of respecting and celebrating each person's identity.Ā 

Community Unity:Ā At the heart of the annual Pride Parade and Big Gay Out celebrations lies a sense of community spirit that transcends boundaries. It'sĀ a time when individuals, organisations, and allies come together to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. This unity extends beyond the parade route, fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding in all aspects of society.Ā At AKA this year, we got students to share their pronouns and create fun name tags with the same. Ā 

The Role of Healthcare Education:Ā As future healthcare professionals, it'sĀ essential for students to receive education and training on LGBTQ+ health issues. By understanding the unique healthcare needs and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, healthcare workers can deliver more inclusive and affirming care. From cultural competency to sensitivity training, incorporating a prideĀ understanding into healthcareĀ is crucial for promoting patient-centeredĀ careĀ - it'sĀ about creating inclusive healthcare environments where all patients feel respected, understoodĀ and valued. Ā 

Ā Ā 

Supporting Resources:Ā OrganisationsĀ like Rainbow Youth (, TeĀ NgākauĀ Kahukura (, and Pride Aotearoa ( offer valuable resources and support for LGBTQ+ individuals. Healthcare students can benefitĀ from these resources to deepen their understanding of LGBTQ+ health issues and learn how to provide affirming care to their future patients.Ā 

Ā Ā 

As we celebrate the success of Auckland's Pride Parade and Big Gay Out, let'sĀ recogniseĀ the importance of educating the community, especially our soon to be healthcare workers.Ā Together, let'sĀ work towards a future where LGBTQ+ individuals receive the care and support they deserve, free from discrimination and stigma.Ā 

To conclude, Happy Pride Month! Hereā€™sĀ to growing, educatingĀ and celebrating with pride.Ā 

Kia kahaĀ 


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