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SRA Makeup Academy partners with Dressed in Confidence

SRA Makeup Academy offers training and certification programmes to aspiring makeup artists. Last year offered a plethora of exciting work opportunities for our SRA trainee makeup artists, highlighting the value and importance of their craft in various industries – the show must go on!

Recently, the academy has partnered with "Dressed in Confidence", a charity organization that aims to empower women by providing them with professional clothing, styling, and mentoring services.

The organization was founded in 2013 and is run by a team of volunteers who believe in the power of appearance and confidence in helping women achieve their goals. The organization provides free professional clothing to women who are struggling to afford suitable attire for job interviews or other important events. They also offer styling services to help choose clothing that fits their body type and personal style, as well as mentoring and support to help women build their confidence and succeed in their careers. "Dressed in Confidence" is a unique and important initiative that helps to break down barriers and promote gender equality in New Zealand. Since its inception, "Dressed in Confidence" has helped hundreds of women across New Zealand by providing them with free professional clothing and styling services, as well as mentoring and support and its relevance only seems to grow with changing times.

Teaching makeup and presentation skills can be an effective way to empower and help Dressed in Confidence clients get employment ready.

In today's job market, it is important for job seekers to not only have the necessary skills and qualifications but also to present themselves professionally. By teaching women how to apply makeup and look and feel confident, they can improve their chances of landing that job or advancing in their careers. Additionally, learning these skills can also help women feel more confident in their personal lives and build their general sense of self-esteem. Overall, these skills are a valuable investment in women’s professional and personal development.

View photos from our latest work experience with the Dressed in Confidence team at the Strive Community Trust.

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