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Stay safe! Preparing for Cyclone Gabrielle

As you may have heard in the news or seen on social media – a big storm is coming. Cyclone Gabrielle is heading towards Aotearoa and its first effects are expected to be felt in Northland on Sunday (12th Feb 2023). It has intensified into a category 3 (severe) tropical cyclone. We have faced the devasting effect and aftermath of the previous rains, so let’s brace ourselves this time. While this is mother nature and we can’t control it – we can help ourselves and others by preparing for it.

What you can do:

  1. Secure your home (roof, surroundings and anything you think may be at risk from high winds or heavy rain).

  2. Sort out a list of supplies you might need (but don’t go overboard!) and a first-aid kit.

  3. Prepare a ‘grab and go’ bag with essentials you might need in case you are forced to evacuate

Below are some links that may help you:

  1. Our Auckland – Be Prepared for Cyclone Gabriel -

  2. Healthpoint - List of community pharmacies -

  3. NZ Herald – What you Need to Know about Cyclone Gabriel -

  4. Latest weather tracking -

  5. National Emergency Management Agency -

  6. NZ Met Service:

Let’s hope the storm passes without too much damage. Keep safe, stay updated and take care!

Kia kaha



Met Service:



Image Source: 1News

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